View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

This is exciting! I love the fact I can keep an eye on things at work without draining my phone battery.

Can we get the same “button” features on the online platform that we have in the app? I’d love to use the talk feature and be able to move my cameras.

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Hi @WyzeGwendolyn, It looks like the last update was 11/23/21. Any further updates or work happening on this interface in the past 6 months? Thanks. It would help to have a location to get an update on the current status and whether any work is in progress.

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The fact neither solution can access the cams without authentication initially strikes me as a good thing from a security standpoint, but not so good for eliminating reliance on the Wyze cloud. Probably similarly to Tinycam, the bridge or ffmpeg plug-in allows rotation so I can live view my sideways v2 in portrait orientation without having to switch it to full screen, a minor issue but somehow it just feels like a win, finally. Eventually I’ll get into the detection and messaging, but I’m ok for now.

How is one able to view my webcams on the web? Ok, that just sounded stupid. Trying again. I have 8 Wyze Cam Pan v1 cameras. Is there an interface that I can use to view them on my computer instead of the app on the tiny phone screen? @WyzeGwendolyn are you the SME?

Nope, not yet and probably never!

The Web View beta is available for the Pan V1. However, you do need to have subscribed to CamPlus for any cameras you want to see in Web View (during the beta at least).

Here the viewing link: Live stream - Wyze

Here are the FAQs:


See my posts above. I think this is link to one: View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook) - #3353 by ChemEngr

It works pretty slick. However, it is fairly technical at this point and not at all a simple setup. However, if you grew up with the dos prompt and command line, or familiar with Linux, then it’s not too bad. The dev is active on GitHub and there is lots of help. But if you are not tech comfortable, then it’s not for you.

Fwiw, the docker-wyze-bridge allows a live stream of most all the wyze cams via browser without camplus, without any special firmware, It’s just not for those who aren’t experienced to some degree and is also best run on a spare pc or something like a raspberry pi. I wouldn’t want my primary desktop tied up with running it.

Edit: it’s probably more useful for iOS users who want to integrate Wyze cams with HomeKit, via homebridge, hoobs or scripted, especially those who do not have or want to invest in an android device that will not give them HomeKit integration.

And (yet again :wink: ) TinyCam can provide the same web service using any spare Android phone, tablet, Fire stick, or other device.

I don’t need a RSTP camera, but I stumbled across this cheap RTSP capable and still use it with the app, so I thought I should share, as so many people have given me good advice here.
So here:

Any updates on Webview?
Are there any planned milestones or next features etc we can have visibility to? Things like when other cameras will support WebView… Pan v2 (not on FAQ list yet), Outdoor Cam, Video Doorbell (& Pro), etc


Unable to find another post.

Would really appreciate a desktop app for Windows and/or Mac. This would make it easy to consolidate all the views without have to have a phone with screen on to monitor.

Instance: Outdoor cam in Backyard with kids playing. This will help with monitoring and watching them to make sure they are safe and secure.

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Don’t hold your breath for WYZE to ever have such an application. If you can run an Android Emulator (i.e LD Player) on your PC, you can have sort of what you are asking about. Good luck.

I do not have an outdoor cam but from what I understand, it is not setup for constant streaming due to being on battery. Its fine for the occasional peek I assume, but as I understand the device it sort of goes into sleep mode until motion is detected which I believe is triggered by its PIR sensor. Just relaying what I’ve picked up from others. But if you can use line power, a V3 will allow for full time or on demand streaming.

Thanks Travelingelk and Chem for your responses.

I have Bluestacks running on my PC, so mirroring is not an issue. In relation to No Bueno, I have a few Kasa products in the house and I remember when they were never going to do PC app, but they finally did. I have not downloaded it, as it is Front monitoring and I have Wyze being an addition, that I can stream to Chromecast through Google Home flawlessly, so the v3 would be the same way utilized. I just hope, like Kasa, it does not time out after say 5 minutes lol.

No harm is asking, right. :slight_smile:

Yall have a good weekend.

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What is going on with this beta, are there improvements being made? I check this every 2 weeks and it has literally never once worked on any of the 3 browsers I have tried. What hot garbage.


How is this going? I am not able to see my Doorbell cams (just buffers) and it appears my outdoor cams aren’t supported… It’s a great feature if you can get it working, one we may even pay a couple of bucks for.

Don’t hold your breath. This so called “beta” has been up since November. This is really an Alpha release, as major bugs have not been addressed. In either case, the testing party is supposed to release new features often to the people who are testing the application, and hold a real group forum where people can correspond back and forth between the programmers and each other. This has been way too long in “beta”, with no new features, improvements, or bug fixes to test. It’s been stagnant since November. No Beta that I ever took part in ever mandated that you had to pay for anything to take part in, everything was provided. We should not be having to pay for Cam Plus to be able to participate and/or use. No one at Wyze is listening to us, and I assume at some near future point, this web view page will be taken down. Wyze has turned from something promising to a scam.



I currently can view events in the past, but trying to view the cameras live results in a perpetual black screen with a loading icon.


I think we may be seeing another case of a grwat idea, great startup, getting overwhelmed with response to thier product and not doing the best job of handling it.

It’s been the demise of many great startups. I hope not because I like the product (cameras and door locks etc…)…