View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

Uh, what? SSL/TLS is the least of the issues. It’s about licensing and maintaining a TUTK P2P web client. How is firmware TLS more vulnerable? And what the heck does government have to do with it?

And why "added*? Do you think they’re not already using https for everything?

I agree with Big Monkey; it is time for Wyze to catch up to its viewability potential. What seems to be implied is that it is a technical problem with software/firmware that they are trying to solve, but I strongly suspect that the issue is the cost of bandwidth and server space to allow the increased access by users.
Clearly Amazon already had plenty of that, so they could provide both browser and mobile app access from the beginning (they did have an issue making it compatible with both Chrome and Firefox browsers, but they seem to have solved that).
I think Wyze should be more transparent about the reason for the delay, perhaps describing the economics involved. The cost problem is understandable, but web access would also result in more camera sales and Cam-Plus subscriptions (and more opportunity to advertise other products), so it might pay for itself.
As an alternative to browser viewing, the example of Telegram could be used-- desktop apps for Windows, Apple, and Linux, which work very well, simultaneously with their Android/iphone apps.

Ha. TUTK is probably in use because that’s what so many IoT companies use to get up and going, to get the capital to create their own solutions. Why the hell would you continue to use a piece of excrement like TUTK when there are many alternatives, that just require time and development?

As for the government, try following the regulatory frameworks and you’ll see.

Why not just make a window’s store app like you did for android? This shouldn’t be that hard since the app framework is already there.

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They already have an online portal to manage your Wyze account. They could implement the same or similar streaming as done with the app. Or they could use the similar API for a web app. They resources are already there, they just need to apply it to the customer portal.

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It would be nice to be able to login to our our Wyze account via Browser and be able to see our cameras from said browser login.

It would allow users from Windows, Linux, Mac or other to be able to view camera from a relatively standardized interface.

Or perhaps easier would be to make a chrome extension, which would allow users to play with and setup multi camera views, currently there is a fake one listed in the Chrome extensions, it might not be bad that you guys put a real one so people don’t get fooled.


Wondering if they moved this to the roadmap just to stop the voting. Pretty cynical thought but that’s how I’ve come to view wyze after going through the doorbell beta and seeing them prematurely push it into retail. At this point I’m holding off on going any further with wyze since we just do not need a house full of automation for the two of us and we plan to relo as soon as it’s safe for me to travel.

FWIW, not too different here. Retirement has been challenging, but mostly been good to us so far. I had a series of med issues from ‘13-‘19 that basically landed me into a sort of early semi-retirement, did a bit of chem eng work from home, and then a local IT temp job. Now I’m helping my son plan a new biz doing the engineering and some biz advising. Fast fwd to 2020 and wife’s planned retirement for Feb, got pushed to May with WFH starting in March (dining area is now office area), then retirement got delayed again until July and then evolved into a WFH part-time consulting job. Considering the way ‘20-‘21 has turned out, it was good timing to fully retire. Plus we’ve been fortunate to have the WFH opportunity. We both want to get out of SoFL, but traveling to find the right place to settle is not on the near term menu.

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A simple solution to stream to your PC is to install BlueStacks on your PC.

BlueStacks allows you to emulate an Android device on your PC. I have installed Bluestacks and installed the Wyze app on my virtual AOS device and can now stream cameras on my PC as though it were a phone or tablet.

I don’t know if I can stream it to my TV via Chromecast, but I don’t really need to at the moment, That said, I could connect my TV to my PC and use BlueStacks in a second screen.

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I’ve been doing that for years on my old 2012 MacBookPro, on which BlueStacks ran just fine and the Wyze Android app displayed full screen just fine. On a 9 yr old Mac!
Now that I’ve switched to a 2020 MacBookAir, I am able to run the Wyze ios/iPad app full screen on this new Mac, and I understand the next version of Windows will do essentially the same thing, which will be nice because I also use Windows. But they don’t have to buy a new computer - why not just use BlueStacks on the computer they already own?

Blue Stacks uses a lot of resources on the PC. I would recommend “ScrCpy” (Screen Copy). I’ve been using it for 6 months and it works great! I’m including a link to a tutorial for setting it up on a Mac or PC, if you have any problems just post on this topic and I might be able to help you with it?

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Doesn’t this require owning/using an android device as pre-requisite?

I think the whole idea here is to have wyze simply provide a simple method anyone could use without any workarounds. I haven’t tried blue stacks on my recent desktop build which is more current and has more resources, but it was not a pleasant experience on my old laptop that was a low end machine, maybe if I cleared out everything else that made it a somewhat useful machine and dedicated it to only blue stacks it would have sufficed.

No. This does not require owning/using an android device as a prerequisite.

How do you know Wyze could simply provide a simple method?

I think if Wyze could simply have already done it, they would have.

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I agree with Sam!
Bluestacks is not a workaround. It is a simple application.
It runs simply - there is nothing to it. My old mid-2012 Mac ran it!
I used to run it on Windows 7!
You shouldn’t have to delete anything else from your present laptop to run it
Or for $100 you could pick up a 10" Amazon Fire tablet and dispense with BlueStacks and just install the Android Wyze app on that fairly nice size screen. (You can put Google Store and any Android apps from that store on a Fire tablet.)
There are lots of ways and lots of places where you can run the Wyze app.
I even cast Wyze up onto our big screen TV using nothing but my handheld remote.

On the other hand, I suppose it depends on how you define a “workaround.” You could define almost everything we use today as a workaround from some earlier device. Before my retirement in 2006, I used to appear before a Judge who grumbled about getting his secretary a computer because “A computer is nothing but a damn typewriter with an overpriced TV plugged into it!” LOL!

When people would tell me that “I’m not a computer person”. The bosses directed me to explain.

Do you think that 60 years ago when a typewriter was placed on a secretary’s desk that she said, “I’m not a typewriter person” ?

Want me to remove the computer and tell management you refused to learn to use it? We can get you a legal pad and a number 2 pencil.

A computer is a tool. Put forth the effort to learn and become better with it, or you can expect to be paid commensurate with still using a typewriter.

A soldier is expected to be better with the weapons they use year after year. They don’t remain a combat soldier if they don’t get better.

Would we expect a surgeon to be only as good after 20-25 years as they were in their first year?

Frankly I think anyone that uses a computer for their job should be tested annually to measure improvement in their skills. Improvement should be directly tied to job performance review. They don’t improve, they don’t get raises. There should also be standard ratings that merit salary bumps.

Don’t get me started. Please.

Pithy statements aside, I’m pretty sure ChemEngr was responding directly to the person advocating “ScrCpy” which DOES require a separate Android device to do the actual work. :slight_smile:



I’m using “Link to windows” android app instead, it allows Windows 10 to run any app from your android phone without installing extra apps on your PC.

But that or bluestack does not help a Linux or Chromebook, or a office computer, that is locked down for installing apps.

Either way it would be nice to be able to see more than on camera live at the same time.

Easier still just use the windows 10 connect my phone feature, you’ll need to download “Connect to windows” app on your phone, and you can run the phones android apps on windows without installing some sort of VM…