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I have 5 cameras but app will only let me have 3 on line at a time

online? you mean viewing at once? I can view 4 in landscape mode when they are grouped. but that’s on android, maybe an iPhone “thing” ?

Ok I had three camera when I added a fourth I lost one of the original three. When i added a fifth I lost another. Lost meaning the cameras went off line. Must I group them to have more than three online at a time? When Wyze is trying to connect it always
says Connecting cameras(1/3). Never more than three.

Got the cameras working now. Still says 3/3 cameras when there are five. Cool it is working. Oh deleted and reloaded two then all was well.

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@Rain the 1/3 or 2/3 or 3/3 is not the number of cameras, that is actually the authentication process it is on for connecting to the camera/s

this is what you are referring to correct?

youll find the same thing even when you are connecting to just one camera as it is the verification process that your app has the credentials to view the camera/s

the most you can view at a time is 4 I believe. I use android and in the first picture ( at the top with the red circles) you can see I can only view 3 cameras( holding the phone vertical). but when I go to landscape I can see 4 at the same time.

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Thanks for the clarification of the 3/3. I did get the cameras all online on working. You guys are great. Thanks for help.

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