Video Doorbell applet needs un/lock option when VOIP call is answered

Products involved:
Video Doorbell
Wyze wifi deadbolt lock

Initial setup:
Doorbell is paired with lock.
Voip is enabled and activated when doorbell button is pressed
Lock/unlock command options from doorbell screen is enable and functions

Intended use:
when button is pressed on the doorbell, call phone. When answered bring up video doorbell video live feed and be able to unlock the wyze deadbolt on the same screen.

Unlock/lock option not available when the voip call is answered and switches to the live camera feed.

I can exit that feed to the list of wyze items on my network a then select video doorbell. This now shows the unlock/lock option. This work around is slow and cumbersome.

Desired resolution:
When VOIP call is answered and brings up the live feed add the same unlock/lock option to this screen as if the user accessed the doorbell live feed from the list of devices.

Thank you for your time reviewing my request.

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