Verizon data usage spike after installing Wyze

iOS has a ‘feature’ called WiFi Assist that will override the use of WiFi (even if it’s enabled and available) and instead use cellular data. It does this when iOS decides that the WiFi connectivity is “poor”. I don’t know how the iPhone determines poorness. I keep the WiFi Assist feature turned off, as I don’t need Apple’s assistance in running up my cellphone bill.

The WiFi Assist setting is found in Settings → Cellular, way at the bottom of the page.


Agree. I do the same.

I had WiFi assist turned off during my test, but good point.

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UPDATE: My Dec-Jan Verizon cell data usage history seems to indicate a spike in “Social Media”, up from a normal 10-15% to 40%! I don’t believe this was a Wyze camera app issue at all now. Neither of us use social media on our phones but for maybe a quick peek at something (FB). There were a few text message threads that were sent to both of us that were animated meme heavy. I wonder if Verizon classifies text messaging as “social media”. At any rate, I will keep an eye on it but at this point, I don’t believe it was a Wyze app issue unless somehow Verizon classifies the camera app as “social media”. Thanks all for the tips. I am much smarter and more alert now.

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Do you have a wifi system at home
If so you need to make sure your phone auto switches to wifi at home and back to phone data away from home.
To use your phone on wifi at home users must go to wifi in the phone settings and enter their home wifi information such as home wifi user and password for their router.
If your phone stays on phone data at home the usage will explode.

No such thing a “quick peek” at FB.

It’s like the Wyze app, it’s always connected and searching to update your timeline. And track you around the net!

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Facebook is always tracking you. That’s how when you go to another website and look at a drill, a fan or whatever and then an ad pops up on Facebook. How do you think that happens? It’s because Facebook is following you from site to site to site. Facebook is the worst!

Wyze cams are HUGE wifi hogs. I have 400mbps internet and when my wyze cams are running I’m lucky if I see 100mbps usable data.

A typical cam uses about 800 KILObits (100 Kilobytes) of data per second when live streaming. That means 10 of them would only use 8 mbps of data, IF all 10 were live streaming to devices at the same time. Thus, they should not be impacting your Internet connection in such a way.

Not in my case at all. I have 200 MB internet and while running 3 cameras continuously, it barely has any effect on my speed test and throughput tests. I tested a while back and got 232 with the cameras all turned off and I got 229 after turning the 3 cameras back on. My up speed averages around 37 MB and I only lost a MB or two with the cameras on vs cameras off.

Personally, I think the quality of the router has more to do with multiple devices slowing things down. I have in the upper 30’s for the number of devices connected at any given moment.

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