Vacation Mode Automation?


Is there a way to automatically set vacation mode on my color bulbs? Basically I’d like them to automatically transition into vacation mode after I’ve been away for 24 hours.

I know I can set a rule trigger if my light has been off for 23:59:59 to do an action but I am not seeing vacation mode as an option. Am I missing something or is there a work around?

Thanks for the help!

You can access your bulbs from anywhere in the world, so I’d recommend engaging vacation mode from the beach in your vacation location. :wink:


Thank you! I just wanted to see if there was currently a way to automate it. I appreciate the response!

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There can be a Rube Goldberg way of automating it using a 3rd party app like MacroDroid to run local scripts on your phone, but complicated and messy is an understatement.

It would be nice if the Vacation Mode and Sun Match Mode toggles were included as Actions within the Wyze Rules Engine to make it really simple. It has previously been requested in the Wishlist. Follow the link, like, vote, reply.

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