V3s Alert! Ursid Meteor Showers --- Dec 17th to 26th -- Peak Dec. 22nd

Here is one that was caught on 2 cameras. It is pretty quick and in the upper left corner of the first clip and the upper right in the second. The first camera is with night vision OFF. I was trying to catch a nice one in color. But this is the only one so far (I have 3 more hours of clips to search).

As always, full screen provides the best view.


Neat through the clouds meteor captures Mike!

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Those corner shots through the tress are tough to catch. :grin:

well I can tell you for certain that it is not the Jupiter, Saturn conjunction. at that time that is far below horizon.

but based on what I can see I believe it to be the star Arcturus. its about 36 light years away and is a red giant type star. fun fact, its also the 4th brightest star in the sky.

the Saturn Jupiter conjunction will be at its peak tonight the 21st and will be visible in the southwest shortly after sunset only for about 90 minutes until it goes below horizon.

Ah, another dream crushed by someone wiser! (I’m joking!)

We’ve been watching the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in the southwest sky shortly after sunset … so I was hoping that maybe they would still be visible when the meteor streaked by in the early morning hours.

I should have been able to figure out Jupiter/Saturn was below the horizon.

I remember reading that!

But my retention level isn’t very good and my grades reflected that through most of my school days! Particularly on subjects other than recess.

Thanks for the information @Bam I’m learning. Slowly but surely (but will probably have to be reminded again about all things in the dark sky).

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The Ursids peak tomorrow night, Dec. 22nd.

Think my skies are going to be cloudy from now until Christmas.

Hopefully someone will catch and post a meteor streaking near the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction tonight!

:smile:Yay, my v3 finally arrived today and we are supposed to have clear skies tonight.
Anyone who has narrowed down the best settings for catching those night sky movements on their v3., I would appreciate your suggestions.

@JonQ Continuous recording on (insert sd card). Night vision off. Night vision IR lights off. Place V3 flat on its back, pointed straight up. Camera Status light off. (All on advanced settings page.)

Motion detection up to 100%. Although it is rare to capture a meteor on motion alert. But it does happen

Find most meteors by pulling sd card, search through “record” subdirectory, minute by minute. I usually wait a couple of days to pull sd card.

Peak of Ursids is tomorrow night 12/22. But I’m sure you’ll catch some tonight if you have clear skies.

Can’t wait to see what you catch!

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A Ursid meteor on Lower right corner of screen at 6:01 am central time zone this morning.

This never gets old.

@todwatts (and @Bam), 3 years ago while on vacation in Hawaii, I found an app called Sky Map that is really fun. It will show on your phone where everything is in the sky (stars and planets) with as much detail as you want displayed.
I will add a screenshot from my phone. It’s really cool.
Here are a couple for you. They are in landscape, but the app follows the phone orientation. Or it can be locked in place.

Sorry, I should have rotated them first.

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Thanks for tip. I downloaded iPhone Sky Map today … but am telling my wife that the app works better in Hawaii … so maybe Santa will bring me a month long trip to test out the Sky Map app in Hawaii.

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I’m curious if there is some software out there that will analyze of video clip, and document when there are changes?
What I’m envisioning is that you set one frame as a standard (in this case, a blank sky), then it would compare subsequent frames to the reference frame.
For humans, we can do it without really thinking about what we are doing, but is there some software that can do that? I’m assuming there is, but which package and at what price point?

Merry Christmas!

I had never been there before and we spent 2 weeks on Maui. We were there when the alarm was sent about North Korea was dropping a bomb on us. THAT was fun.

But it is a beautiful place to visit.

I’ve thought the same thing. It would make finding these pesky meteors a lot easier,

I’m still looking at my captures from Ursid 12/21. Here are a couple I found.

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