V3 Order Date vs. Date Received

I just wish they could do more accurate predictions of when they will ship. Prior to Covid I was generally moving every couple of months, so determining where to have something shipped depended on when it shipped.
I would hate to have to depend on Wyze if I had an operation where I had to schedule personnel and resources to set up a monitoring system.

It’s a real shame that Wyze tried to roll out all these new products right at the holiday season. Lots of these orders were no doubt intended as Christmas presents, and now they’re not. Good for business; very poor for customer relations.

About 6pm EST [edit - this was on 12/24/20] I rec’d the shipping email notification and tracking number for the V3 cams I ordered 11/16/20.
But going to the tracking number I get Estimated delivery 5 January w/ the qualifier “Tracking details will be available once the package arrives at the FedEx facility.”

Great!! Sooner than I had expected. Wonder when the cams will get to Fed Ex?

Ordered 11/3/20
Received 12/24/20
Good thing I got an email from Wyze saying my package was delivered. FedEx left the box at my side door that I hardly ever use. It may have been days before I saw it. FedEx is still better than USPS though. I think they’re just storing everyone’s packages in a warehouse.

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About 1300 EST 12/26/20
on Wyze https://wyze.com/sales/order/view/order_id now shows 5 ordered, 5 shipped
Clicking on tracking number I still get delivery 5 Jan “Tracking details will be available once the package arrives at the FedEx facility. Please check back soon!”
Again, Wonder when the cams will get to Fed Ex?
1100EST 12/27/20
Cams got to FedEx 1604 PST 12/26/20
FedEx tracking shows “Arrived at FedEx location Bloomington, CA” at 4:04 pm PDT (1704 EST) but now shows “Estimated delivery 6 January”
So ordered 11/16/20
Label created (Wyze terms this shipped) 12/24/20
FedEx gets the package 12/26
12/26 Bloomington, Ca
12/28 Thoreau, NM
12/28 Perry, OK
12/29 Olathe, KS
12/31 Southaven, MS

Cameras arrived on 01/05/21
Gave one to my BIL, his apparently works fine.
Opened my first one today, fires up, went through upgade, Looks fine but doesn’t recognize SD card (Samsung EVO 32 GB) that had been working in a V2, tried another, didn’t recognize that. Reformatted card in PC using SD card formatter. Still does not recognize card filed trouble ticket with log file about 1830 CST 1/20/21.
Just double checked the upgrade, apparently it didn’t take, Reupgraded, now SD card works.
So in summary I’m pleasantly surprised they got here before February.
Now just need to test the other parameters.

Had the same issue, showed that it left Bloomington,CA, and was delivered to USPS where it sat since 12/24. I received notice of delivery from USPS and went looking only to see the notice retracted. Today I received notice that FedEx will be delivering instead of USPS. So it seems USPS is the major hold up.