V3 cams constantly pausing

When I watch the live feed, it is constantly stopping and starting. Both cameras do it, more so when watching the camera group than individually. What will cause an unstable network? One cam is less than 10 feet from my router.

I stopped using groups in the Wyze app way back but it seems to work okay with TinyCam. The obvious usual possible issues are not just router proximity but interference and overall use of the spectrum by both your own home devices and neighbors…

Ended up being my router. We can all agree that the cameras are pretty awesome at a great price. But the software is really hit or miss. I solved my issue with camera lagging by connecting to a brand new router. Works like a charm now. And once your cameras are at a point where they are doing good. Stop doing firmware updates. My last update goes back to about Nov, 2021. Cameras have been working good other than my [Mod Edit] old router.

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Re boot the router,then try again,i have a few groups of 4-6 and load and ay just fine

Slightly sore subject, since Wyze just pushed out their first ever (?) unrefusable forced update.