V3 camera alarm not as loud

All my Wyze V3 cameras alarms (for scaring intruders) sound loud on the app, but outside at the cameras, is barely above audible, definitely not enough to scare someone, and unless they’re close and it’s quite, won’t even hear, this is now occurring on 8 different V3’s.
Is the loudness preset in software or is there something in app I have inadvertently done to turn down volume, just received a new V3 during 4th sale, and it’s same way, any ideas what to do to increase volume on the alarm?

I haven’t really noticed a difference in “siren” volume on V3’s and I have 26 V3’s and 2 V3 pan cams.

I don’t see any way to adjust the volume in the app either.

The speaker in the camera is smaller than a quarter, so you really can’t expect much from that…

I created a shortcut in my app to turn on all cameras sirens at the same time, that helps make it a little louder.

The neighbors 60 feet to the West of me can hear the V3 on the front of my house which I set off every time they let their dogs out and they start their continuous barking. The dogs don’t like the siren sound and the neighbor gets the hint.:grin:

I set mine up for the siren to go off after detecting a pet during night as deer like to come up and eat our flowers, I can see them walking up, seconds later siren goes off and they barely notice, they may casually look that direction, definitely doesn’t scare them, can’t even hear it inside house, open door and camera is by door and it may be as loud as a normal persons voice, guess it would let an intruder know camera there, but definitely not going to alarm them either.
It’s mounted to side of house, nothing covering it or close to muffle sound

:deer: :deer: :two_hearts: flowers, do you think a pesky siren noise will deter them ? :rofl:

Motion activated rain bird sprinkler scares off the flower munchers :grin:
AbcoTech Motion Activated Sprinkler/Animal Deterrent - Humane & Safe Way of Scaring Away Wild Animals - Motion Sprinkler Animal Deterrent - Coyoto, Deer, Cat - Motion Sensor Sprinkler to Deter Animals https://a.co/d/4H65nlg

@bryronhu Thanks, I’ll have to look into that water sprinkler, sounds like plan even if it works a little, and I’m sure that’d work better for intruders that that little noise the siren makes, and definitely be more surprising, thanks for the suggestion!

Another user set up a Wyze Outdoor Plug with a fan plugged in. To the grill of the fan were attached plastic shopping bags. When the cam detected motion, a Wyze Rule turned on the fan and the bags started flapping around scaring off the critters.

@SlabSlayer sounds like another excellent idea, make me wished now I’d invested in some of those outdoor plugs, that’s what’s great about a community, someone is going to have some solutions to just about any problem, thanks so much

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I don’t have the outdoor plugs either, but I do have a bunch of Wyze smart plugs and a really long extension cord. :grin: