V3 cam degradation

Wondering if V3 camera video degrades over time ?
I’ve have several for over 2 years and it seems they don’t shoot as sharp and quality as they used to. Is this to be expected as the cams age ?

This is probably what they do si that you have to buy one of their newer cameras.

Wyze has v3 firmware available going back almost a year. You could try manually flashing back to older firmware as a test to see if you notice a difference. This might rule out software which might indicate hardware failure.

Are these outdoors? Have you used a microfiber professional photography lens cleaner to clean the lens? If they are outdoors they will get dirty and it will build up over time just like your windows do.

I tried above suggestions. No real change. Minor improvement to outdoor cams but I generally keep them clean routinely. Looking back I’m now thinking the quality of my older cams are still ok.
Was mainly interested to know if quality of video degrades with aging of cameras. None of my responses indicate that they do…Thanks