V2 Camera Question

Looking at the front of the camera, is the center the camera and the bottom the sensor? What is the top?

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I knew there was no motion sensor at all (it just uses pixel change detect off the main camera sensor) but I thought for sure there was at least a photodiode to detect darkness / exposure - apparently not! This page says only the lens and mic are real:

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The top “???” is the ambient light sensor. The bottom “Motion Sensor” is nothing… it’s fake.

@Seapup is that accurate? The claim above is that even the photo sensor disappeared by the time it went into production…

Yep… shine a bright flashlight into the top little dot. You can see the sensor inline through the clear plastic.

There are some good YouTube videos and blogs showing a teardown of everything.

Hmm, what I see - a copper ring - could easily just be the hole in the PCB that was originally intended for the non-existent sensor…

You may be correct on that. Let me grab a newer v2. I think the one that I’m looking at is 2 years old.

Pretty sure that as I move side to side I’m seeing both of the two solder points / holes. Here’s a photo from https://www.edn.com/wp-content/uploads/Wyze_cam_third_PCB_lens.jpg

Isn’t it funny - almost all of the V2 front is fake!

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Like Pamela Anderson.

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Yep! I see the same!



Hah. What’s also funny is all the accessory makers who ALSO don’t seem to have known they didn’t need to allocate additional cutouts for the cosmetic frippery.

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yay! :+1:

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