Question V3

What are the two holes/sensors, one above and one below the lens of the V3?
I’m trying to waterproof my “outdoor” V3 and I need to know if water can enter at these points.


One should be the microphone and the other the status light. The V3 itself should already be weather resistant without the need to add any more. What’s your use case? V3 submarine perhaps?:slight_smile:


I use one of my V3 cameras outside pointing upwards. I had some really good luck over the summer and fall capturing meteors etc. The camera stood up well to the infrequent rain that we had during this time. Now winter is here and weather is wetter the camera has had some issues.
Water had gotten in the camera and corroded the contacts on the SD card. I dried the camera out and put a new card in and put it outside again but now even with the slightest moisture the lens fogs up. I’m reluctant to put another V3 outside so I would like to waterproof this camera if possible so I can continue to use it outdoors.

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Do a warranty replacement on wyze direct

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