V2 camera, in continuous recording mode missing detail?

My wife snapped this picture with her cell phone and I am trying to find a better shot of the deer in the blue circle on my WYZE camera.

Image details; May 23 Sun, 5:59 AM GMT-07:00
15.9MP4608 × 34562.4 MB

I am using a WYZE v2 camera, in continuous recording mode. With a 32 GB SD card.
I have verified that her camera generated name is accurate in describing the date and time the photo was taken.
I took another photo and compared the generated name to the date and time on my PC.
Stepping through the recorded video.

  • USB drive G:
  • directory: record
    • sub-directory: 20210523
      • sub-directory: 05
        • file: 59.mp4 does not show the deer.

The deer is captured at a different time & location prior to the time in question.
So I am confident that I am looking at the right date and time frame.

  • USB drive G:
    • directory: record
      • sub-directory: 20210523
        • sub-directory: 05
          • file: 44.mp4 @ 05:44:34
            I have stepped through the 59.mp4 file without finding anything.

Any and all suggestions appreciated. :wink: Particularly if I am overlooking something.

The time on your wife’s phone was probably accurate if she had service, but there is no reason to think the camera was at same time unless you compare a live feed of the camera to her phone to see if there is a difference. In fact, that may still show you where to look if it is different. I believe the camera only updates the time at start up, when manually sync’d thru the Advanced Settings page, or during a DST change. Since she saw it at only 10 seconds after, it may be in the 58 file.

However - if you are viewing the file on the desktop using something like VLC, it will play all files in succession. So you can start with the 57 file and it will automatically play all the files beyond that like a long movie. You can even speed up playback, letting you view a large amount of time quickly.

You can also easily look over those minutes using the Wyze app without removing the SD card. Just go to the live view of the camera in portrait mode, and at the bottom of the screen will be a “View Playback” button. Once there you can touch the date below the timeline to select the date, then coarse tune the timeline to something near the time, then do a reverse pinch on the timeline to expand it, and go to the exact time you are interested in, like 05:57. Then you can either move the timeline slightly to see where the deer appears, or just watch it in real time.

Some ideas, anyway. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for responding.

I verified the date and time on my wife’s phone, by using it to take a picture of the lower right corner of my PC screen, where the date & time are displayed. And comparing the file name generated by the phone to the values in the photo.
I pulled the SD card and using VLC stepped through all of the 05 files, (00 -59) as well as, (00-20) of the 06 files.
At 05:44:30 the deer appears from the South walking North. At 05:44:45 it is approximately 30 yards from where it is seen in my wife’s picture, when it turns East, and disappears.
I have discovered that starting at 05:42:18 through 05:48:57 there is a rabbit within 15’ of the camera and starting at 05:57:20 through 05:59:05walking North to South, eventually turning East into the same field as the deer.

I sure do not know what I’m overlooking or misinterpreting, because as I see it the deer should be on the video at the time recorded in my wife’s photo.

Again thanks for taking a look at this.

Stay Safe!

Dave v.

You said you checked your wife’s phone for accuracy, but did you compare her phone to what time the camera thinks it is in live view? That’s what we are really interested in. We don’t care so much whether the phone or the camera are on the correct time, as much as we do in how they compare. They may only be a few seconds apart, but I’ve seen them be up to an hour apart during DST changes. If the phone accurately says the current time, and the camera is an hour behind the phone when you check it, then you would need to look an hour earlier in the SD card timeline (as a for instance).

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Thanks for the explanation & your patience. It finally registered that I needed to verify the WYZE timestamp. As you suspected it is off by one hour & 5 minutes.

Thank you and Stay Safe!!!