V1 Doorbell, terrible transmitter is the cause

I’ve been rocking the v1 Doorbell for years and it finally died with a fried power converter. It also took out my transformer. Before it died I noticed that live stream was spotty and even event videos were choppy.

I had a spare v1 Doorbell still in its packaging. I ordered a new transformer and replaced the doorbell. Took many attempts to get it connected to WiFi, but it eventually did. Took several attempts to update firmware too. Once updated, video was non-existent. It would get past 3/3 connection and just go black with 0.0kbps as the connection speed. In settings, the doorbell said it had a strong signal. But in my Deco app (TP-Link XE75), it said the doorbell was a weak signal.

I finally got discouraged enough to go get a Kasa KD110 doorbell. Installed it and it was a rock solid connection. I started thinking maybe I had a bad v1. I ordered a replacement. While I waited for that to arrive, I tore down the burnt out v1 and discovered that it has a micro-USB connection for power. Plugged it in and it worked. It connected immediately and video was rock solid. I powered up the new v1 that was having problems connecting using USB. It connected immediately and updated firmware without a hitch. Maybe it’s not defective. Deco app reported a strong signal. But this was inside, with USB power. I took it out front and plugged it in: bad connection again, but depending on where I positioned it, it got a decent signal. Meanwhile the Kasa doorbell is still putting out excellent video on the same location.

I even went so far as to purchase another XE75 to place by the front door to help boost the signal for the doorbell. It didn’t help. Deco app showed the doorbell connected to the new router, but the signal strength was still weak. Kasa was strong and connected to the same router.

The only conclusion I can make is that the transmitter on the v1 is weak. When looking at the connection in the Wyze app, the doorbell can hear the Deco loudly. When looking in the Devo app, it can barely hear the doorbell.

In the meantime, I’m going to try a Doorbell Pro. If that doesn’t work, a v2. Last resort, I know the Kasa KD110 works, so I’ll go back to that. But I don’t like how they don’t provide thumbnails in their notifications (Or, do I have to subscribe to their Kasa Care for that?).

Wyze, did you turn down the power on the transmitter in a previous firmware and forget about it?? You’ve been known to make changes like this and forget about them until someone pointed them out.