V1.2 Beta software released

iOS and Android beta app was released. It will work together with firmware for V1.2 features.

iOS V1.2.32 includes:

– Enable recording and pause/resume in playback

– Support screen rotation

– Support SD card format

– Provide option to turn on/off timestamp watermark in video frame

– Multiple phones/tablets using a same Wyze account will all receive alert notifications. (In V1.1 only 1 device is notified)

– Support Bluetooth speaker

– Bug fixes


Android V1.2.32 beta app includes:

– Simplified alert logic for better alert and notification stability

– Multiple phones/tablets using a same Wyze account will all receive alert notifications. (In V1.1 only 1 device is notified)

– Enable recording and pause/resume in playback

– Enable SD card format

– Support screen rotation

– Option to turn on/off timestamp watermark in video frame

– Provide hardware decoding option

– Bug fixes



Anyone able to use the BT functionality? I’m not seeing an option to pair or configure, but maybe I’m just overlooking it?


App version 1.2.32


The Bluetooth functionality is not for pairing Bluetooth devices from the camera. Your phone has the capability to pair your phone with Bluetooth speakers.

Our iOS V1.1 app will always play sound on phone speaker even if your phone has your BTH speaker as the audio output device. This was fixed in V1.2.

<p style=“text-align: left;”>Just the software. I will install it tonight and work on the features</p>

Thanks for the multiple device notifications! Works like a charm now! ?

Android 7.1.1
Wyze app 1.2.32

Few things I found odd:
-When going into individual camera settings, I noticed you split the options to sub menus. When drilling into the sub menus and hitting back, it takes me all the way out of settings. I would expect to just go 1 level up to the list of sub menus.
-On the device info page, I find the installed firmware & update firmware button (I’m guessing, but it’s not clickable because I’m up to date) confusing. I liked the old update firmware button that told you you’re up to date.

-Im not a fan of the “No more” toast notifications when scrolled to the top or the bottom of the Notifications tab. Hopefully this was something for debugging that will be removed ?

Gotcha - that’s a bummer, I was super excited about seeing the external BT option (would be great for those of us using Wyze for baby cams).

In Playback, when picking a date from last month I get a “the timing is wrong” message, but if I pick the first of this month and scroll back I can see the video.

When I go to a time where there is no video, the “no video for selected time” message is under the available buttons

When I formatted my SD card, the display under settings for SD card available space didn’t update, but it appears it did format as my old Playback was no longer available. So, I power cycled the camera then it said “no SD card”. I formatted again, things look ok.

Android 7.1.1
Wyze app 1.2.32

I am not getting alert notifications until I open the app. For instance, if I open the app at 1pm, alerts from earlier that day pop up.

Others have reported logging out of the app, restarting their phone, and logging back in resolves notification issues.

Comments re Beta Wyze 1.2.32

When viewing live stream or alert video, clicking full screen rotates the video 90° counterclockwise no matter the orientation of my iPad/iPhone. The change in orientation is detected, auto rotate works great! But it doesn’t appear to detect the ‘current’ orientation.

Alert videos. Around half are recording 6 seconds or less. When I hit play, the video starts at about 25% and will not play from the beginning even if I manually slide to the left, and the time stamp doesn’t change until the last few seconds of the clip. In some cases, it basically just a screenshot, no time change. Seems to happen in spurts - I’ll have this issue for a day or so, then all’s good for a week.
(Strong WiFi signal, gigabit internet connection)

Alert videos. A few alert videos are missing the time stamp. It’s possibly because of lighting, but the videos missing the time stamp appear to be a little higher quality recordings.

Alerts. On two occasions, received 2 alerts for same cam/time. One video works, the other errors (clip doesn’t exist or waiting to upload).

Alerts. I probably just have to suck it up in this one, but in days with a slight breeze or more (I’m in Kansas, so pretty much every day!) sends alerts every 5 minutes, all day. Drove my OCD absolutely batty! Sensitivity on low, the only thing moving was a branch about 60 yards away. I sort of resolved by moving the cam inside the enclosed porch.

Alerts. Even the slightest change in lighting (for example, clouds passing) seems to set off the motion sensor, though it seems to miss actual movement. For example, today I was alerted three times to my barn cat, dead center of the video, getting up and walking away. Yet I was never alerted to the cat coming into view. Similar issue to pre-beta when I was alerted to the mailman walking away from my front door, but not when he arrived.

Android 7.1.1
Wyze app 1.2.47

Under Share, it doesn’t show shared users anymore

I am unable to see the video clip of my notifications. The error states the video clip doesn’t exist in the cloud or is waiting to be uploaded. This started earlier today. Nothing I tried has fixed this. This occurs on all three cams. Thoughts anyone?

Same happened to me but now is working it did at 7:00 pm when came back the ability to play the notifications.

Android 6.0.1
Wyze app 1.2.50


Device nickname is replaced by MAC ID in live stream