V1.2 Beta to be released soon

Hi, we are planning to release V1.2 beta software + firmware soon. It will include following features:

  • Simplified alert logic for better alert and notification stability

  • Send alert notification to all client devices that logged in past 7 days. (In V1.0 and V1.1 we only notify 1 device)

  • Enable recording and pause/resume in playback

  • Enable SD card format

  • Support screen rotation by accelerometer

  • Option to turn on/off timestamp watermark in video frame

  • iOS - Matching Android to have Bluetooth speaker support

  • Android - Provide hardware decoding option

  • Bug fixes

Get ready for the Beta push! If you are not a beta tester yet, check out https://www.wyzecam.com/forums/topic/how-to-join-our-beta-program/ to join!

I am so excited about this! :smiley:


Could we add Dates to the alert schedule notifications?.. So if i only wanted to be alerted Monday-Friday… i could set it that way… right now i have to turn off notifications manually on the weekends… cuz i get alerted a million times.

Wonderful. Does this mean that I can have my husband’s phone with the app on it also? Would we both receive notifications? We love these cameras!!!

Understand the request. Set different alert schedule on different days are already scheduled for our future releases.

if you share your camera to your husband, both of you should receive alert notifications now. it is already implemented.

If two of you are using one account, then once both of you have V1.2 installed both your phones will get notifications.

Sounds good!!! Are you working on having the capability to see more than one live camera at a time? If so. when are you expecting to release it?

there should be an easy way to arm /disarm all cameras like most of the security systems have. Click one button on app and all cameras start motion and sound sensor and notify accordingly .

“One screen with multiple cameras” is planned for future releases. Can’t tell the release time yet. Thanks!

Yes, this will be great feature! Since your cameras are so affordable, I already have three. It’s a pain to have to go into each one separately to view. Would be great ot have the app homepage also easily pull quick snapshots from all so users can get a quick sense of activity or not.

Batch arm/disarm is being planned too…

Once we have signed up , Do we receive a response via email or Facebook messenger?

Thanks for the updates! Especially accelerometer screen rotation!

Thank you for the information on sharing to my husband’s phone. We both look forward to the V1.2 Beta update!!!