UV Filter to Help Prevent Sensor Damage

Has anyone tried adding a UV filter to a Wyzecam? I recently replaced one that I had pointed out the window that had a pink grainy image. I added a small UV filter to see if I could prevent this from happening again. Since the last cam was probably a couple years old, it may take some time to get results from this test :slight_smile:

Top right is the image after adding the filter (I may have smudged the lens or there might be some glare from the window). But overall the picture quality hasn’t suffered.

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You will get some nice lens flare effects if the sun hits it right… :slight_smile: .

I don’t think it is worth paying for a UV filter, the cams are pretty cheap, and I would rather invest in the outdoor cam, which should have some UV protection.


Yeah, I’m hoping that future cams and the outdoor cams have better sensor protection, but I got the replacement for $13 and the filter was $5 so figured it was worth the experiment.