Using Wyzecam for security monitoring in condo garage


I was thrilled to first have my Wyze cam. I finally found a camera that recorded clearly within the confines of my car (can see thru windshield glass) , that would run off of a power bank and record to a card, so I could see who was trying to vandalize my camera in our parking garage.

Before I purchased, I confirmed with Wyze support the parameters I needed as there is no wifi access 2 floors underground in the garage. I was told the camera would record straight to the card without monitoring to my phone device . No problem.
I fine tuned the aim out the dash left the cam to record.
Pulled the camera each night for several nites and was driving myself nuts trying to figure out why recording stops 1.5 to 2 hours after starting, right on the dot.

Now I’m told that this is a “known issue” with offline recording to the card . I know this is evolving technology but this is annoying. Now I have a camera, powerbank and memory card that are sitting here useless because 2 hours of recording does not cover overnight issues (at least an 8 hour window).

I have read on other reviews that they are having the same problem. Why is this info not provided so consumers are aware that this functionality is not working yet?

If a fix can be made how will I know without wasting time and setting up the camera every night for 2 hours?


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If/when Wyze fixes this bug in a future firmware release, it should be noted in the release notes. So you could check this web page from time to time to see if you should bother updating the firmware in your camera.

In the meantime, a workaround is to set up a tiny WiFi access point in your car and connect the Wyzecam to it. That will trick the camera and allow it to continue recording all night long down in the garage. There are lots of portable WiFi routers on the market. This one gets pretty good reviews and is inexpensive (about the same price as the camera!).


We ran into the same problem on our Auto Dash Cam powered by our Battery Jump Start Box with USB power. If you provide a WiFi signal to the camera it will continue to record indefinitely to the µSD card inside the camera inside your auto.
Try this thread for help.

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Hi Wyze Wizards and all

Can you please help a gal out?
I recently sustained a concussion and reading pages of posts and release notes is alot for my head right now.

Can anyone please advise if the issue of the cam recording direct to the SD without wifi longer than 2 hours has been updated/resolved?

I emailed support help a few weeks ago and haven’t heard back yet.

Much thanks

Hello @Otsphotography, the bug is supposed to be fixed in the next upcoming update, also if you would like I can send your ticket number to someone directly so you can get some more help if needed?


That would be much appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

Kindest Regards,

Adrienne Ellis

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