Using Wyze Cams for Virtual Consulting

I am an industrial engineering consultant, and I want to offer virtual consulting to my clients using Wyze Cams (most likely Wyze Cam Pan). I will need to send several cameras because most of my clients have large factories and I need to see as much of the factory as possible.

I am wondering if you have any suggestions on the most customer-friendly way to do this. I have no idea whether the clients are tech-savvy or not, but they seem very amenable to having me send cameras and monitor them remotely for the term of our engagements.

So, for instance, should I send the cams alone and have the client set them up using their own mobile device and account, then share the cams with me? Should I send a mobile device (e.g. Android tablet) that already has the Wyze app and an account already configured? What other pitfalls should I be concerned about and address in advance?

Any and all suggestions (and experience) you may have with such a scenario would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

My first suggestion is to go with a different camera. The Wyze models only do 1080p and if you are trying to identify things across a factory floor you’ll want at least 2K or 4K cameras.

Also the setup will difficult, because for you to preconfigure these you’ll need the all the WiFi credentials for your customers.

Personally, I like the Wyze cameras because of their ease of set-up, inexpensive price, etc. But I am open to other ideas. So which cameras do you recommend?

Me? I have no idea. I only have Wyze at present. I am looking at several brands including Eufy and Yi and Reolink and lots of others. The market is teeming with them, and lots of them do get discussed in this forum. I’m also looking at floodlight cams at present. I’m sure you’ll get lots of suggestions. If you don’t mind the low resolution and your clients will give you their WiFi passwords then the Wyzecams can certainly work for your purposes.