Using solar to charge the camera battery

Has anyone considered or is using small solar panel to charge the camera battery? If so what solar panel did you use?

I have not, but I can say that if you decide to do so, you’ll need a voltage regulator to keep the output very close to standards USB specs, and if you add a backup battery (as far as I know the camera does not have a built-in battery), you’ll need a small PV array large enough to run the camera as well as enough to stuff excess energy into the battery for cloudy days. ~doug

Sounds overly complicated, here’s what I’m going to try and if it melts the camera so beit.

This Company sells Wyze add-ons. Now…will it Void your Warranty?

Yeah thats ok i buy my own at half the price and chance it.

In a recent AMA @WyzeDave said:


Of course with all the product delays due to the pandemic, if you need it now, you may want to consider something more readily available. But FYI.


Not certain that will be enough. It has to be 5 volts and supply at least 1 amp. A 3.5 watt solar panel at 5 V will only supply 0.7 amps.


I have four Outdoor Cams and obviously they contain their own battery storage so the solar option works out well.

I used these solar panels:

I mounted the cameras in these housings:

The solar panels are 5V x 2A with long cables and the connector on the camera end fits right into the recess in the back of the camera where the original rubber seal presses in, making them just as weatherproof as the original configuration. Installing the cams in the housings gives the camera a great range of motion, much easier adjustability, and further weatherproofing and coverage of the rear connector. I mounted my cams under my overhangs so they see even less weather abuse and mounted my solar panels parallel to the roofline with adjustable gutter mounts.

We’ve had three days of overcast and rain here in Michigan so you can see the battery levels have dropped into the mid-90’s on my higher traffic cams but when the sun comes out, they charge up to 100% in an hour or two.

I’m pretty happy with the performance of everything I have at this moment. Not having to spend a day moving the ladder around and pulling down cams to charge is awesome!