Using Motion Sensors to Control Multiple Lights in Shop

I’m trying to find a solution that will allow multiple motion sensors to control the lights in a large pole shop. I have three overhead florescent lights that I want to turn on when I enter the building and stay on as long as I am inside. The space is large, three 12 foot bays, each with its own light. I really need to have a rule that says the lights stay on as long as any one of three motion sensors detect motion, but you can’t have multiple triggers for a rule. I could setup rules for each motion sensor but I foresee the lights going on and off as different rules trigger for lack of motion.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to make this work?

Are the lights on Wyze plugs? Assuming they are, could make rules to turn on the lights via each motion sensor, then make rules for each extend out the “has been cleared for” trigger to 10 mins or 20 or whatever you wish so that there’s a good chance you’ll move in the space and reset that trigger so the lights don’t turn off on ya.

Already thought of that. Problem being anyone of the rules could turn off the lights after 10 or 20 minutes since any of the motion sensors could be cleared for that long since none of them have a clear “line of sight” to the whole area.

Yes that’s why I thought of extending out the time with hopes that motion would reset the has been cleared for trigger. Other thoughts would be for motion 1 to turn on bay 1, motion 2 turn on bay 2, motion 3 bay 3, then if you aren’t in Bay 3 working then you wouldn’t need the light on. Unless you want all three on no matter what, then maybe a rule for any motion to turn on all lights then an app shortcut to manually turn off all lights that you can press when finished up so they won’t turn off on ya. But then the off part would be manual.

Thought about individual control of lights, but would prefer all to activate and stay on. I’m looking at the construction of the shop to see if I could mount one motion sensor on the ceiling that might have adequate view of the whole thing to keep the lights on.

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Another thing that I’m sure you’ve considered is placement of the sensors
And you may want to check out IFTTT for a solution

IFTTT has the same limitation of a single trigger. I need a way to say “if motion sensor1 detects motion OR motion sensor 2 OR motion sensor3 …”

Placement of the sensors is the problem. Not sure I have a location that can clearly monitor the whole space for activity.

The more I thought about it the harder this sounds. Looks like one good thread is Add More Device Triggers for Wyze Rules - #20 by icthruu

And there are some links from there. I would have expected Alexa itself or at least IFTTT to handle this but guess not…

Edit: Apparently there was an interesting way to accomplish this using the “Numerous” app, but it shut down four years ago. :frowning: