Using Cat-5 for power

Our house was built in 2007 and has speakers in all the rooms that we don’t use anymore. We also have speakers under the deck.
It’s a Canbridge Audio system as seen in the pics. Signal goes from the unit to the amp units on cat-5 and the audio goes from the amp to the speakers in regular 2 conductor cable.
Since we’re not using the speakers I wanna find the cable that feeds this particular speaker, connect the cables together where the amp is but my question is how do I go from the 2 conductor cable to the micro USB to power the camera? Does someone sell a cable with the micro USB on one end and loose conductors on the other?

Other question is; once I find the cat-5 I need I can plug it into one of the phone BIX blocks but where can I get a 5 volt power supply I can connect to the BIX block?
Right now my old original cams are powere by and extension cord the looks like hell, trying to clean things up.




As far as using the 2 conductor cable for powering Wyze cameras - no problem at all. I’ve never looked for a pre-wired adapter, but I bought a box of 10 USB female jacks on Amazon and have wired a couple of them for various USB powered stuff. If you know how to solder, it’s really easy.
Google will show you the wiring to hook it up.

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And for part 2 of your question, You can wire the Cat-5 to the zip cord where the amp used to be. I would use either one pair or two pairs for each polarity (especially if the cable run is very long). For example, if I use Cat-5 for power, I usually use both wires of the white/orange pair as positive and both wires of the white/green pair as minus (aka ground or return). If I need to double that up, both wires of the white/orange pair and both wires of the white/brown are positive and both wires of the white/green and both wires of the white/blue pair are negative. But that’s just my standard…

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It’s worth mentioning that you’re ideally set up to use a PoE switch or NVR centrally and use real PoE cameras so you are no longer reliant on WiFi stability and signal strength. This is best achieved outside of Wyze but there are also lots of (hacky) ways to get Wyzecams to play nice with PoE.

One thread is at

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Have been doing some clicking on Amazon, think I found what I need but am wondering if the regular power block ya plug into the wall would be good enough to power 2 cams over the cat-5 or should I get a bigger one?
Might hafta just try it and see what happens, see if a 3 amp one will work.

Thanks Customer.
Ya this location would be great for that but the rest of my cams are limited to WIFI so I’m gonna stick with that for now.

Be aware that the 5V USB DC power is unlikely to make it much past 20 feet or so before the cameras start having failures. @K6CCC may have a different experience but many people with longer runs are sending 12 to 24 VAC and then converting it down at the camera end…


Completely agree with longer cable length. Using something like 2 conductor zip cord will work better than Cat-5 or a standard USB power cable because the wire size (or gauge) is far larger.


The cat-5 is existing, I can’t run another cable to this location.

Flagged for mild irony.


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Ya they’re great with conduit or open cavities, I take it you’ve never used one?
A fish tape isn’t gonna do anything when it comes to finished walls, ceilings, and floor joists and I’m not gonna start hacking this up when I already have a cable there.

Dude I was just going for the joke (you know, based on your handle).