Power Wyze V3's from Cat5/6 Cables

Hi All, I have Cat5 cables that run to my security cameras outside. I would like to use these cables to power some new V3’s. Has anyone made a connector…USB C to 8P8C (incorrectly “RJ45”) that could go on both ends of the Cat5 cables, to put power onto, and pull it off of, the Cat5 cables? Thanks, Jeff

Yes there are tons but you probably want to use PoE power and a dongle at the end to convert to 5V USB with connector. 5V itself doesn’t make it very far. This is covered in posts throughout the forum.

I have Cat6 run to my V3 locations. I have a PoE+ switch which one end of the cable plugs into (located in my media cabinet). At the other end I have 2 adapters which will provide the power to the V3’s. have not had any issues:

The V3’s use a MicroUSB for power and Data

This is the switch I got:


These are the connectors




Thanks for the links.
It is VERY helpful when we get links to products that have been shown to work by forum members.


Thanks very much spamoni. I was looking for something more weather resistant (and less bulky) though, I may just buy some longer USB C cables, I see them on Amazon and ebay, so I can keep the power supply inside but still close to the V3’s. Would be cool if one day Wyze made a version of their cameras that work on 48V. But anyway, thanks again.

I understand. I also did this because, I believe, based on the October AMA, that Wyze will eventually make the V3 Ethernet available as well. :slight_smile:

Might be wishful thinking.

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