Using a USB Antenna to improve wifi signal reception on Wyze Cam v.2

Has anyone tried using a USB antenna to improve connectivity on a Wyze Cam? Here’s link to an antenna…

Very interesting but wouldn’t the firmware need to recognize it? A wifi extender might be a good alternative.

I’m thinking you are correct. These antennas seem to be made for
laptops running Windows, or OS, etc. There are drivers that need
to be installed on the laptop’s operating system. I don’t know
what type of operating system the Wyze Cam uses. I was hoping for
a simple plug-n-play solution… but nothing is that easy… LOL
Thanks for your reply - I appreciate it!

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Great idea.

Plug and play has improved over the years.

It could happen one day.

That is in essence a wireless card. So whatever you are plugging it into would need to have the drivers installed to recognize it.

I don’t think the Wyze cams have that capability in the current firmware. But there are aftermarket WiFi antennas that you could solder on. It would certainly violate the warranty but it could be done.

But like all modifications it can also destroy the camera so I would be very careful if you go that route.

Your safest path would be using a WiFi extender as mentioned above.

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Thanks for the reply! I think I’ll just go with an extender.
Again, thanks!

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That is a WiFi adapter, not just an antenna. For adding a larger external antenna, you would want something more like this:

One of the other topics had images of a Wyze camera disassembled, and I notice the internal antenna connector is the same as the small connectors in this kit. (The connector is a common type for WiFi antenna connections to a PCB).

Someone has installed one of those and got fairly decent results

I put ext antenna on and was able to get good through brick was that before I couldn’t.
Here’s photo link.

Thank you for the reply! I appreciate it. I’m going to give the
external antenna a shot. I ordered another camera and an antenna.
I hope I have enough “talent” to make this work. Again, thanks!

I successfully added an external antenna to 2 of my Wyze Cam v.2’s. It was pretty easy. YouTube has a couple of DIY videos for this.

This one shows how to take the camera apart. You won’t need to go to this extreme, but it’s informative. You will see where the wifi antenna is located…

This one shows the process… however, I didn’t do all of the case cutting and mounting in a third-party outdoor case. Just watch it for the antenna hook-up part.

All you need to do is to open the case… drill a 15/64 hole into the camera case. lift the internal wifi antenna off of it’s pin, snap on your new external antenna wire,… tuck the new wire into the camera case… close the case up

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