Use your cellphone hotspot to troubleshoot network issues

Seems many people are having issues with their home network working with Wyze items. A lot of Xfinity users are seeing issues as well as some others. Some issues may not even be network related at all, but changing out the network may determine that possibility.

I haven’t seen any suggestions on temporarily using your cellphone hotspot to rule out home network issues. It seems that a separate path might help dianose your situation.

Hotspots are becoming more common and many users forget about this capability. You may have limits on your hotspot use, but a temporary check might give you a clue on how your network is working for or against you.

I use Tmobile for my cellphone but use AT&T for home internet. If I encounter a problem on both, the problem may not be with my Internet provider or router/modem.

Just a thought.


That’s a good idea, and I wonder if the category and tags should be changed to give it better visibility, because it doesn’t apply specifically to cameras nor to a specific camera model. To me, this feels like a Tips & Tricks topic with android-and-ios (like you have), not-phone-specific, connectivity, and troubleshooting tags. I don’t know if you’re able to make all those changes yourself (or if you even want to), but you could certainly flag your own post and have Moderators reclassify it if you think that might be useful.


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Verizon has very little monthly cap to use its phone’s hotspot. There’s a way to circumvent that; install your own mobile hotspot.

There’s a paid Android app called EasyTether Pro. It works as a mobile hotspot, works just like any other mobile app and so doesn’t count towards Verizon’s mobile hotspot cap. Doesn’t require rooting, either. A good backup connection for when your ISP service is out.

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This is a cool idea and reminds me that a temporary hotspot might also be available free of charge, depending on where someone lives: My local library system has mobile hotspots available for checkout. I’ve never used one, but I imagine something like that could be incorporated into troubleshooting connectivity issues in certain circumstances.

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I don’t think you can use the hotspot and the Wyze app at the same time, but I’ve never tried.


Don’t see why not, but then I have multiple devices. I have another android phone, two Android tablets, one iPad and Bluestacks.

I found my hotspot can work in parallel with any activity. Just remember to turn off wifi on your phone. If wifi is turned off, the hotspot will use cellular data, otherwise it will pass you through wifi, which defeats the test.