USB Storage for Mesh Router Pro... When?

USB Cam Storage for Mesh Router Pro… When? I bought this for this feature that was talked about in the intro video, and then nothing about it since.

No info on this?

There is currently an AMA (Ask Me Anything) event scheduled for Friday October 27, 2023 at 11:00AM PT with the Wyze Founders as a part of the Wyze Week events.

There have already been many questions posted for the AMA, but posted questions need support to be prioritized at the top.

You may be interested in this question posted by a Wyze User:

Here is a link to the event:


Was this talked about. I unfortunately want able to listen in.

The transcript of the AMA was posted here:

Their reply to the question:

If you would like a real world breakdown translation of what “We’ve encountered some challenges with engineering resources related to the NAS project and this has resulted in delays” means, I’m sure someone can elaborate. What I hear is “It isn’t a Cam and we aren’t focusing on anything that isn’t a Cam”.

This is really disappointing. I see they aren’t looking to add anything at all to the router. I already had a bad taste in my mouth that my robot vac is still sitting on the old beta firmware after like a year of getting “it’s coming” updates. And then finding out that they are abandoning it. Now it seems like the router is getting the unwanted step child treatment. I should have kept my ubiquity mesh system. At least that still got updates. Now I’m stuck. I don’t think I’m going to be buying anymore Wyze devices as I see the signs of a failing company trying hard to barely stay alive.

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