*URGENT* Properly integrate all wyze cams into google home

The v3’s integration into google home is dis functional and fails to display the camera on nest hubs or cromecasts. The v2’s will show up but after awhile (1 hour) they will disconnect from the google nest hub. After they disconnect they are unable to be displayed again until you give the command “sync my devices”. The only cameras that don’t seem to have a problem is the v1’s as the integration software probably hasn’t been changed since then.

I would hope that once you released a new camera that it would at least be able to connect to the device it is advertised to connect to. That goes for all the cameras and I would like to be able to use the cameras I paid for to the full extent they were designed for.

I wish that my and many others $100+ a year to cam plus would be enough to hire someone capable of taking on this challenge that has been occurring for years now. Please fix this and do better when it comes to false advertising.

I am not the only one experiencing these problems and I won’t be the last.

It’s hilarious to think “urgent” is going to convince someone to work on something that they willfully ignored for over 3 years :upside_down_face:

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It is annoying though. When I went on the hunt for cameras in November 22 for mine and my grandpa’s house that was the first thing I looked for was Google Integration, which Wyze said it had. But none of them will display through the Google app. So (when it works) your either tethered to a nest or chrome cast, Or having to use the Wyze app. Not really integrated to be honest.

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It’s a science to keep the price just low enough, and system working just good enough, so they can keep cornering users


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A couple things have happened recently that may make this more of a reality than a dream.

  1. Wyze just updated the firmware on the Pan V2 and the V3 cams to fix a streaming bug. That firmware is currently in Beta Testing.
  1. Google Home just updated their App to support streaming of cams within the App. This is also in Beta within their “Public Preview” option.

I do not use any Nest or Google streaming devices so I have no experience with those. I only use the Google Home App.

I have both the Beta Firmware and the Google Home Public Preview Beta App:

Did you even look at the piles of “no change” reports in the beta post???

And you think it’s appropriate and applaudable that they finally started trying to fix something that they promised and advertised of since 3 years ago???

They are lucky already because there’s not a class action lawsuit right now.

I follow all the Beta posts because I test the Beta Firmware. And, if you notice, I posted there as well. It is also being discussed in multiple other threads.

I was simply passing along the information and my experience as it was. While you may have already formed an opinion based on your feelings prior to reading my post, it was neither implied nor inferred by my post. It is a new development and that is all.

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