Updated: v3 Cam Not Pulling IP from DHCP server

See further post down.

No, fine in Wyze app and TinyCam here.

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See further post down. -----

Its all working except for one device now. One of my V3’s (running latest release firmware) refuses to pull an IP address. It is connected to my Wifi network, but has no IP address.

Obviously, reboot your router if you haven’t…

Here is what I have done…

a) Rebooted the router
b) Disabled DHCP on the Router, Installed a different DHCP server on the network (yes it works)
c) Power cycled the v3 Cam after each change on the network (rebooted at least 6 times so far)
d) Rebooted all the access points

One v3 Cam is not pulling DHCP, no matter what I do. The other v3 and v2 cam and Wyze Vacuum are all working fine, pulling IP’s from the new DHCP server.

I’m running Unifi access points with a Cloud Controller. I can see the camera connected to the various access points it joins when I power cycle it, but it never pulls a DHCP address.

I’m not currently having any issues(EST).
@Customer and @ShortBus, what time zone are you in?

I’m EST but again, I’m fine.

Edit: Also, I don’t have a V3…

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