Just purchased 8 cameras a few days ago got them all set up the way I wanted them plus some sensors. This morning after last night’s apparent update response from cameras is slow and sluggish. Panning especially is laborious. All shortcuts have been removed. Can I set any notification buttons on any of the cameras. Epic failure here. I restarted my tablet and phone. We started a few cameras and power cycled them as well no change. Cannot set a rule that is new it says no devices are available and I have nine of them online right now. It seems early to box them all back up and return them but I’m tempted. Is this just me I doubt it. The change from Fairly good working Hardware to nothing is dramatic. I’m open for about 24 hours what solution.

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There appears to be some kind of issue possibly tied to the new app versions. Stay tuned for more info.

I am a having these issues as well after an overnight app update on android.