Update Your Wyze Cam v3 Firmware For Latest Security Updates 10/30/23

:pray: Good luck!

The update must of had some bugs. 2 of my 4 cameras now show offline and I’ve tried all troubleshooting with no success.


I did not get the above in-app message, probably as I had previously turned off in-app notifications. I’ve now turned them back on. I also don’t remember getting any notification about it on my phone, only the usual popups about a firmware update being available when I accessed the cams. It would have helped me if an email had been sent out about this.

I was holding off on updating my cams’ firmware for the last couple of weeks as I was busy and first wanted to check if anyone else had reported problems with it. So I was surprised today when I went to apply the update to a cam to try it out, only to find that all my cams had already been updated. I’m glad to have found this post explaining why.

The "Auto-Update"setting on all my V3 cams was also automatically changed from Off to On. So heads-up for anyone else who may have had the firmware update pushed to their cams automatically, that their Auto-Update setting may have changed too.

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The new update has bricked some cameras. Users on Reddit are experiencing the same issue. I’ve been trying to reconnect the camera for almost 3 hours doing all types of resets.


This is a great explanation.

You can also think of it like physical security. Just because you have a door lock and a security system, doesn’t mean that you think the door lock is cheap and poorly designed

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So basically the fix is worse than the issue because the cameras won’t work at all? I guess I’ll leave mine on the old firmware. The website shows two updates issued the same day but it’s unclear what’s safe if anything.

7 of 16 V3 currently updated to

5 updated via Auto Update, 2 updated individually thru Device Settings UI.

All 7 successfully installed, rebooted, and returned to active service.

Planning for incremental individual updates on the remaining 9 V3 cams today.

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Did you have any issues with the update on your cameras runlikecrazy?

I just checked & I have ‘In-app notifications’ toggled off & still getting the “firmware update required” notifications as under the on-off toggle it states you will still receive mesages such as services advisories & app update notes.

I’d already had wifi connectivity issues when I bought my latest Pan3 last month & was forced to update the firmware. I was able to flash it back to prior firmware. So why would I want to do this again & this time to all my outside cameras? I now can’t stream individual cameras, & today when I went to view an unknown motiion along side the house & I’m getting the popup to update. Wyze has hi-jakced OUR cameras. :angry:

Auto update apparetnly wasn’t turned on for me since I’m getting the popup. I’m unable to check setting on individual cameras as if I click on a camera, the popup locks me out of doing anything, but update. So uncool Wyze!

I’m sorry rbautil the update bricked your cameras. Yes, I’ve been reading in several forums & finding this “forced update” has caused issues & worse bricking cameras. So is Wyze going to replace those cameras their forced update cuzed to those cameras (those that are past warrenty)?

So why hasn’t Wyze removed this update, which obvously was rushed out & not properly checked that it were a stuable update, & removed users from being locked out of single live streaming & play back on their (our) cameras?

Imagine if MicroSoft locked us out of using our computers til we updated the OS!

Have you tried yet to view an event lars2? I just tried to view a motion on the side of the house in eve hrs & just to view that camera, I am getting the update popup. I can’t even adjust the settings for the cameras & change detection settings. Our cameras have been jijacked!

This is a great example. Windows does critical updates all the time, but still allows us the flexibility of deciding when they take place even if they’re really important.

I don’t doubt that they could/would do a forced update if it was a beyond critical and urgent remote zero day exploit that was easy and widely public or something… But despite all the important security issues that have come up, I can’t think of the last forced update I had to deal with, and yes, they also control cameras, webcams, and more, but still rarely to never force immediate updates with no flexibility.

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Windows likes to start an update when you turn on the computer though, which can be really annoying…

It seems like they have been better about this lately tho

I think that’s usually only if you already downloaded the update then shut down your computer. Then they tell you it will install the next time you restart. So the solution is you can wait to restart and you can postpone (schedule) when it does it.
At least that’s how it’s always been for me. I never turn my computer(s) off though, so it pretty much never happens to me anyway.

A Firmware Flash will most likely recover those cams to working order.

The current issue with the failed firmware updates “bricking cams” on several models is not in the firmware itself but within the OTA update process failing somewhere in the download and install logic. And, this is not a new problem. This issue has been documented in multiple prior OTA firmware updates, on multiple models, since 4.36.11.xxxx and it’s equivalent on other cams was introduced some time back.

Many users, myself included, have successfully OTA updated V3 cams to this version. Others have successfully Flashed to this version. This indicates that the Firmware code is sound. The OTA Update process of getting it there is questionable at best.

Since Wyze has now disabled the download of all prior firmware versions for these cam models to force everyone into the current version, users seeking prior versions will need to look to the Social Media platforms to get older Firmware Flash archives from other users who have archived them locally.

Then that isn’t a V3 Cam, which is the topic of this thread. The PanV3 and VDBv1 Firmware Update Thread discusses the only two current Firmware Updates to have been posted as Mandatory\Forced Updates recently. The V3 Firmware is not mandatory or forced. Any Firmware Pop-Up Messages on a V3 can be cancelled.

No it’s not V3, the moderator of the Pan3 in their infinite wisom decided to put my post in this forum.

That was a different post of yours that was moved because it was posted in the incorrect cam model thread.

Your post above, #33, was a direct reply to @lars2 post, #29, both of which are original posts to this thread.

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I haven’t noticed any problems with my v3 cams after the update.

It sounds like no one else has reported their V3 cams getting updated automatically like mine were, which makes me wonder what really happened with mine. Maybe some other bug caused my auto-update to get turned on, which then caused the cams to get updated. I know auto-update wasn’t turned on to begin with, as I did originally see the messages prompting me to update the firmware, as with past updates.