Update on Headphones?

I think that yours might come end of November. The preorder forum said that anything after 9/29 comes late November. Sorry.

I’m a 9/29er and have not received any shipping confirmation.

I got an email to day telling me mine has shipped. So their target of November was good for me :-).

Awesome! @lesshort when did you order?

Mine ordered on the 29th. I received an email to that they are shipping.

9/30 order date and I got a shipping notification today.

I ordered 10/17 and delivery date now says December

I ordered mine 10/2 and now the status changed to Pick/Pack, getting closer

I ordered on 10/3 and mine are pick/pack status as well. Can’t wait!

9/29 order. Sitting on my doorstep as we speak.

Oh boy, mine are gonna take forever to arrive based on what you guys are posting. I ordered on Nov 5. Also, other threads are posting there are connectivity and mic issues with the headphones. I’m afraid they’re going to be a bust after all this wait.

Ordered 10/17 arrives tomorrow maybe, estimated for today… but FedEx so almost never when they say for some reason.

They arrived last night. They sound great! Really tight on my head though. Maybe they need to breakin.