Update internet

change internet today from earthlink to centurylink. how does one update wyze account

Its in your settings…

Easiest way is to have the installer or you set the same BSSID (WiFi Name) and WiFi Password the same as what you had on previous service (earthlink) then cameras won’t need reprogramming.

If your email address was with earthlink then you will need to update that also to new email address, but hopefully it was not as all devices will need to be updated also unfortunately.


how do i change network

If the installer does not do that, Which they should if asked you will need to go into the routers setup and configure WiFi name that you had in earthlink router and Password you had for WiFi the same as what you had in Earthlink router.

Most installers will do this on the switch-over if you ask, it is a common request by their customers