Unterminated video recording (power outage)- any way to save it?

We had a hit-and-run today, that took out the power to the two wyze cameras that cover the accident area (set to continuously record; both have 128GB cards that were formatted a few days ago so they have very little on them). Although I got the event alert from one, the other event alert had not finished uploading to the cloud, and will not play. The alert/event we /did/ get was exactly the wrong 10 seconds to get any identifying information.

Because the wyze does not have a battery, the moment power was cut, recording stopped. Both sd cards show the next 1-minute video file was created, but the file terminator was never appended so both sd cards show 0 as file size.

Is there any way (utilities, etc) to find the last (partially) recorded file area and append a file terminator so we can access the last bit of video and see if there is anything that would help us ID the driver?

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Similar issue. The only difference is my Wyze cam (v3) was attached to my front door…when someone came by and pulled it nearly off the cord. The camera lost power but was still attached firmly enough they gave up on taking it. I have the SD card, but can’t find a file of the camera’s last moments…