Underwater camera with live feed & AI identification of snakes

So, delete if not allowed. I’m new here, though last I counted I have 8 WYZE cameras and have had for couple years. I love the WYZE product! So….I looked at underwater cameras and wasn’t satisfied with what I found. I devised a “set up” that allows me to place the Outdoor camera underwater in my pond to view my fish ~ live. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! So … I have two wishes. :rofl::rofl:.
I wish WYZE would make an underwater camera AND I wish they would have special sensitivities for those particular cameras that would detect a snake in the pond (of course with notifications). I do have a snake that visits my pond and so far I’ve managed so he hasn’t ate any of my fish. But, WYZE ~ do you know how us pond lovers values our fish?!! This would be AWESOME for pond lovers! And pondlife is a huge business. I think WYZE would do well with this. Attached a short video of my altered underwater camera set up. :heart::heart::heart::heart: So … I’m a new user and was going to upload a 52 second video, but it won’t let me.

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Make sure you vote for your own wishlist request

And you might wanna reduce the time of the video , try 10 seconds

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Thank you. I have edited the video to 9 seconds and tried to upload it. I receive a message telling me that new users aren’t allowed to post visits. Can you fix this? Or any way I may have permission to upload the video.

Thank you. I edited the video to 9 seconds and tried to upload. It failed, giving me a message that new users can’t upload videos. Any way you can upload it for me. I’ll try to attach it to this email


Welcome to the Wyze community teemcgee2962. I have increased your forum trust level to allow you to post videos. Videos are not limited by length, but they are limited to a max size of 5.86 MB.

You may also wish to comment on and/or vote for Wyze Remote Control Scouting Underwater device with camera.


It uploaded , nice set up . I’ve always wanted some fish .

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Thanks. I’d love it more if I could know a way there is a snake in my pond. Snakes will eat my fish. I just try to keep a close watch on them. Having the WYZE outdoor camera underwater helps. I’m going to put another one in on the other side. I sure hope WYZE considers this set up.

Thanks for your help

Quick question. I’m a member of several pond groups. Can you send me a link of sorts that I could use that would direct them to join WYZE & click on this link to vote for this idea?

This link to this wish is

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What is your “set up” for underwater? I was contemplating putting it in a zip lock bag but there are obvvious risks with that plan.

OP, thanks for posting. Your video brought back memories of this old Windows 95 screen saver.

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I love this idea, I have a 600 gallon reef and I would love to have underwater cameras. The reef is fully automated and I have cameras all around it when I travel to monitor water levels, etc. Would love to be able to put one in the tank and even use it to make a LIVE for my youtube. Check my reef out on facebook, instagram and youtube under WildReefKeeper

So what is the setup. Trying to do the same thing in my pond. Impossible to a signal from underwater so you must have run a cord above the water from the camera.