Underwater camera with live feed & AI identification of snakes

So, delete if not allowed. I’m new here, though last I counted I have 8 WYZE cameras and have had for couple years. I love the WYZE product! So….I looked at underwater cameras and wasn’t satisfied with what I found. I devised a “set up” that allows me to place the Outdoor camera underwater in my pond to view my fish ~ live. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! So … I have two wishes. :rofl::rofl:.
I wish WYZE would make an underwater camera AND I wish they would have special sensitivities for those particular cameras that would detect a snake in the pond (of course with notifications). I do have a snake that visits my pond and so far I’ve managed so he hasn’t ate any of my fish. But, WYZE ~ do you know how us pond lovers values our fish?!! This would be AWESOME for pond lovers! And pondlife is a huge business. I think WYZE would do well with this. Attached a short video of my altered underwater camera set up. :heart::heart::heart::heart: So … I’m a new user and was going to upload a 52 second video, but it won’t let me.

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Make sure you vote for your own wishlist request

And you might wanna reduce the time of the video , try 10 seconds

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Thank you. I have edited the video to 9 seconds and tried to upload it. I receive a message telling me that new users aren’t allowed to post visits. Can you fix this? Or any way I may have permission to upload the video.

Thank you. I edited the video to 9 seconds and tried to upload. It failed, giving me a message that new users can’t upload videos. Any way you can upload it for me. I’ll try to attach it to this email


Welcome to the Wyze community teemcgee2962. I have increased your forum trust level to allow you to post videos. Videos are not limited by length, but they are limited to a max size of 5.86 MB.

You may also wish to comment on and/or vote for Wyze Remote Control Scouting Underwater device with camera.


It uploaded , nice set up . I’ve always wanted some fish .

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Thanks. I’d love it more if I could know a way there is a snake in my pond. Snakes will eat my fish. I just try to keep a close watch on them. Having the WYZE outdoor camera underwater helps. I’m going to put another one in on the other side. I sure hope WYZE considers this set up.

Thanks for your help

Quick question. I’m a member of several pond groups. Can you send me a link of sorts that I could use that would direct them to join WYZE & click on this link to vote for this idea?

This link to this wish is

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What is your “set up” for underwater? I was contemplating putting it in a zip lock bag but there are obvvious risks with that plan.

OP, thanks for posting. Your video brought back memories of this old Windows 95 screen saver.

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I love this idea, I have a 600 gallon reef and I would love to have underwater cameras. The reef is fully automated and I have cameras all around it when I travel to monitor water levels, etc. Would love to be able to put one in the tank and even use it to make a LIVE for my youtube. Check my reef out on facebook, instagram and youtube under WildReefKeeper