Unable to select or delete events in app

For the past month or more I am randomly experiencing an issue where I am unable to select an event and/or delete said event. Just no response to tapping the event or trying to check the delete box. Usually a refresh of the event screen will make the event clickable but not always on the first try. Several refreshes or backing out of the event screen are sometimes necessary. In some cases viewing another event and returning the the events screen will then make the previously unclickable events selectable. It is random across all my cameras (v2, v3, v3 pro, v2 pan, v3 pan, etc.)
The events appear normally in the view with a image. In some cases previously viewed events are unclickable later and vice versa.
I would swear this occurred after an app update but did not record which version.
This occurs across multiple Android devices, but not always the same event. It appears completely random. I have not been able to ascertain any pattern.
Cam + Unlimited subscriber running v2.50.5(449) on Android.

Anyone else experienced this?