Unable to contact human

I am unable to check out using the Wyze app and unable to find the promotions online that appear on the app. Is there any way to actually contact a human being at Wyze to place an order? I am having second thoughts on replacing my existing home security system with the Wyze if there is no way to contact them.

Welcome to the forum @gregnmfd39
You can contact support using the number here.

I paid for yearly cam plus pro on 2 of my camera’s and they don’t work with all the things they are supposed to. And I’ve tried getting ahold of them over n over. Someone finally got back to me, gave me things to try. Didn’t work and now waited again for them to get back to me. And do you know this is the first time i saw an actual number for them? I sure haven’t seen that on the app. I have another camera i was going to set up and I’m going to send back and look into others. This has been worst experience. So good luck