Two newbie questions

I am considering Wyze over Google home, and I have two questions:

  1. Does Wyze have the ability to set alerts only during certain hours, such as a back yard alert only after 9pm, but not all afternoon as we mow the grass?
  2. Is the home/away feature effective for two persons, such as spouses whose schedules vary? Might we need different app log ins?

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This would be accomplished thru Rules.

You would save a Schedule Rule to operate only during the designated hours. You can action “Turn Off Notifications” for individual cams or groups of cams.

You can also set a Shortcut Rule so that a single press of the Shortcut button on the Home Page would turn off notifications for designated Cams or Cam Groups.

I use a Wyze Plug as a trigger for my Rule to turn off notifications so that I can action them off and on, or for a time I designate, by telling Alexa “Turn Off Cam Notifications Plug for 15 minutes” for example. This would probably work for Google Home Voice Commands also.

Please provide more detail. Are you referring to the Wyze HMS Security System?

You can both use the same account \ App login without issues.