Two cameras don't display live image on home screen

Running the most current beta app and beta firmware, two of my 4 cameras are not display in the live image on the home page of the app. (See attached). Same issue on both iPhone and iPad. Might have begun with iOS15. Two other cameras work as expected. Of the affect3d cameras, one is a v1 and one is a v3

Cameras don’t show a “live” image on the home screen. They show a static image of the last image that they saw when the camera was selected. Note that for reasons I don’t know, it does not always update the home screen image right away or at all if you only briefly looked at the camera. One other little home screen quirk is that sometimes a camera will show as “Offline” on the home screen when in fact it is working just fine if you select the camera. My front door camera has been that way for a couple weeks. At some point in time, the home screen will decide that the camera is working fine.
Select the camera, watch for a minute or two and go back to the home screen and it should update.

Are you looking for a “recent” or “updated” photo on the home page? To actually get a “live” image from a camera, you’d need to group the cameras then view the group in app.

And your photo didn’t attach to your post.