Turn on "dumb" garage lights with Cam V3 motion

I don’t have any Wyse products yet. However, I’d like to buy a few Cam V3’s to to control the outside porch light, garage lights, etc. These lights are on X10 switches, but are otherwise “dumb” (no wifi).
Do I need new smart switches? All my X10 switches are 3 and 4 way dimmers. I don’t see that functionality in the Wyse smart switches at this webpage: Wyze Switch | Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch.
Seems like the Cam should interface with IFTTT, and then send out a web command to the X10 switch. But I don’t know how to do that.
Ideas please?
Thank you!

Welcome to the forums! Do you use ifttt already? Does X10 already interface with ifttt? I searched it in ifttt and don’t see any applet options and I don’t see an easy way or know much about that ecosystem to know if it interfaces with Alexa. I’d say your best bet is to check out the Wyze switches and see if that is an option for you, then that’ll keep it all in the Wyze ecosystem.

I don’t think the Wyze switches will work for the OPs needs:

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Thanks for the comment! Yea Wyze switches do not dim, so if that’s s deal breaker then they wont work.

Also not three/four way…

IFTTT has a function called WebHooks that probably would do what you need, but it would take quite an effort to make it work.

You might want to read this too:

Thanks “canl”. I have looked at this link. Seems like a lot of work just to turn a light on!
I really don’t care about the X10 switch that currently controls the outside garage lights - I just want the Wyse camera to turn on the lights. They are LED’s so don’t even care about dimming.

I would think there has to be an easy way to turn on a light from a Wyse camera; just haven’t seen how yet. Any recommendations would be most welcome!

I was responding to your original post and thought you wanted to keep using x10. :smiley:

There many options. Of course Wyze should work. A Wyze switch with a set of rules would turn the lights on and off. You just need the switch and a rule that says to turn it on if the camera detects motion.