Tried to flash back to FW - HOSED -

Trying to get time lapse working again. Working with Samsung J3 and Amazon Fire and latest Beta app, 2 V2 Cameras and 1 Pan cam.
based on


I solved the problem by downgrading to V4.9.4.28
Use this instruction to REFLASH firmware via SD card:
I tried to reflash one camera that was on
downloaded the a freshly formatted FAT 32 Wyze 32gb SD card ensured it was demo .bin
Blue/yellow light on, reset pushed. It did something internal.
Camera would not come up online, no blue light.
Seemed like it did not work so I pushed the reset, I left the SD card in.
Camera talked to me, I reset it up. It booted, came up on the network.
I was able to access it and it showed it was at FW
So I tried to do a short time lapse, let it run with the default for about 10 minutes.
Would not download, just like before.
So rebooted.
Camera would not come up on line.
So exited the app and came back in. App took a LONG time to load and complained about network problems. (I’ve been running from the same location for almost 2 months).
Could not connect to the camera.
So unplugged cam, shutdown app, rebooted J3.
Now Wyze app would NOT get past splash screen on J3
Grabbed the Fire - it could access my Pan Cam, but nothing else.
Now my pan cam just started spinning and i’m wondering if I got a bad binary from that post.

/edit went through the process again , can’t figure out WHAT set my pan cam spinning
Still no time lapse
Dropped it back to
Tried time lapse again.

can’t figure out WHAT set my pan cam spinning

I recommend to use V4.9.4.28 only for wyze cam v2 (not pan version)
from this a topic
and for pan version you should use this

My comment:

was because I was not doing ANYTHING with the pan cam. It had just been sitting in the window.
It works, but I’ve got a 64GB card in it so I figure Wyze would immediately point to that as my problem.