Tree abuse

Woman FedEx driver trying to knock down my tree :astonished: :rofl:

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:smile: Knock down? Barely grazed some branches :smile: Not sure what female has to do with it though. I’ve had male fedex drivers hit my garbage cans but my mail lady is the best we’ve ever had.

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Barely grazed the branches enough to shake the trunk of the tree :eyeglasses: :grin:

You do know they jump out in front of you. My wife had a telephone pole do that once. TO MY CAR.

Dang I hate replying to a post and finding out I was late to the party.

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So do Mail Boxes. I hit one at night showing my wife how much fun it was driving and sliding around in the snow. Bad news is it was my father’s car and he was behind me in his truck. He made my brother and I go and replace the box and the 4x4 post early next morning in the freezing cold. Lesson learned: Don’t have witnesses. :grin: