Travel mode when not near camera

When I entered travel mode on my WCO I don’t see a way to leave the view. I can click Exit but it leaves travel mode. Is there a way to turn it on and not be with it? I was hoping to monitor a place when I’m not there.

Since the live view is from the Camera’s own Wi-Fi signal I believe you need to be in range of the camera to view it. You could set it up in travel mode, then set it up for scheduled event recording MOTION ONLY to an SD card in the camera for up to 30 days, no cooldown period and 5 min max .duration for each video event. After it was set up just switch your device from the cam’s wi-fi network to another Wi-Fi network if available or just walk out of range of the cam Wi-Fi. Once you get out of range of the cam Wi-Fi you can’t view it via a remote location as I understand it. You can view what it recorded to the cam album when you return to within range of the cam Wi-Fi and connect your phone/device to the cam network again. This is the way I understand the function.

I set travel mode and couldn’t figure out how to leave that camera without clicking Exit. I just left the area and was able to see other cameras. I’ll check it when I’m near it again to see if it recorded. Thank you!