Trash panda eating my bird seed

Should have gotten the convict a first class ticket to Manhattan, NYC, garbage is easy to find but it would then have to deal with the Rat Union. The information you posted is the same thing I read in this County and California Law about why you can’t trap release. I would give it a chance anyway.

Exactly what I am doing. As long as the raccoon doesn’t snitch I am ok

About 5 years ago a raccoon got in the trap and I found it the next morning before I went to work. I didn’t want to leave it outside in the heat, so I put the raccoon and the cage in my trunk and took it to work. Let it go in the parking lot across the street and didn’t tell anyone.

A few days later my boss sends me a picture of a raccoon in our dumpster. :roll_eyes:. Can’t be the same one. But in the 40 years I worked there we never had a raccoon in the dumpster. Had to have been my raccoon. It couldn’t get out so they made a ramp and left it alone. Next morning no raccoon.

I played stupid and said something like raccoons are all over.

When I retired in August I fessed up. Everyone thought it was funny.

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After live trapping 35 raccoons, 25 opossums and driving them 25 miles to release in a conservation reserve for 8 years. I just take down the birdfeeder every day. Just seemed to make more sense. Now none of those creatures come around anymore. I win!!!

…tik tok, kyguy :wink:

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Ok - sound logic, but by extension, exactly where are humans to live, not as interlopers?


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Close up cam inspection. This :raccoon: is snacking on apricots that fell off the tree, the possums seem to like them also.

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Nice piece of gluten and JIF peanut butter

Smart raccoon got the bait and the crunchy ant topping.

Next bait I will go back to a toilet paper tube with peanut butter inside that will be attached to the far back of the cage with baling wire.

That :raccoon: looks like he just got out of the pool?

You mean our doggie pool that is about 6 feet from the trap?

This v3 did not detect any motion. Didn’t see anything in the pool other than a few bugs.

Well if you look at the fur of the critter on the second video it sure look like wet fur to me even the front legs, neck and side. Maybe he has his own pool, or just took a shower ?

I will have a raccoon in the trap tonight.

That is a pill bottle with peanut butter inside. It is attached to the top of the trap with baling wire run through the pill bottle. The raccoon will have to trip the trap to get to the peanut butter.

Previously I used a tube from a roll of toilet paper but the raccoon got to it from outside the trap.

Almost trapped my dog

Then I put chicken wire over the back and sides of the trap so their paws couldn’t reach through.

Leave the raccoons alone for a day, I want to see some real action with a Skunk :skunk: in the cage. All the trapping tips I have seen say to put a large plastic bag. burlap bag or some thing to cover the cage just in case you catch a skunk or critter that can get it’s paws through the mesh. When the raccoon trap was in my yard it caught 4 cats before the raccoon. I am glad the trapping guy showed me how to release and reset the trap. He actually put the entire trap in a large very strong bag like you can buy stone in, just the entrance was not covered and open to view. His trap was about half the size of yours.

The forum bot asked if I was sure I wanted to revive this topic. Silly sod, of course I do. :slight_smile:

Raccoon did not visit last night. Patience…

I’m assuming you got that at Amazon. Can you send me or post the link for that trap. I’m trying to find a good one.

I think you need to ask @TomG where he got the trap, probably Home Depot.

Maybe your missing raccoon was at school learning how to do this :rofl:

This is the exact trap. I added chicken wire to the rear so the raccoon couldn’t reach in from the outside and get the bait.

[Advantek 20050B Catch and Release Live Animal Trap, 2-Piece Value Pack, Raccoon and Rabbit Traps]

The trash panda did try to get the bait from outside the trap last night. Never went in the trap. It was raining so the video is psychedelic

Came back later and kicked the WOC off the wall.

Oh, yeah, you post psychedelic and do you see Phelonius impugning your sobriety?

I say, no, ladies and gentleman, I say decidedly and definitvely not. :wink:

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