Tin Foil Hats (and other dismissery)


I find her theories persuasive.

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‘Wyze is a Chinese :cn: company.’


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This is to protect the noggin from another Carrington-type event? But…but…the Carrington is coming from inside the house! :scream:


Lol, the way things are going lately I’m not totally closed to theories of

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‘Wyze founders killed Elana because there weren’t enough yachts to go around (and they didn’t want to share!)’

Cannot determine definitively. Paywall prevents.

‘(Wyze’s proprietary) millimeter waves are your friend and would never hurt you.’

Probably true, but I’m not sure their products even use millimeter waves. Yet.

:satellite: :honeybee:

‘Wyze officially declared the v1 an antique so it could stop supporting it.’

Half true.

‘Wyze is sometimes inscrutable.’


I forgot the formula you need to use to align/position the points on a tin hat. Would you have that formula nearby? I searched google but no luck.

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Bob Seger recommends ‘firm and high’. I concur. :smiling_face:

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I wasn’t sure which song that was, so I had to look it up and found a “Genius Annotation” that gave me a chuckle.

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Night Moose 🫎

I remember that song.