Timelapse - Indefinite

I am growing a bonsai tree and would like to create a timelapse. Is it possible to schedule an indefinite timelapse that takes one picture a day and that automatically adds the latest picture to the timelapse every day?

The reason for this is that after, say a few months, I would like the ability to leave an open end date and also look at the latest timelapse without have to stop it and schedule another.


Basically the same question. Is it possible to take one picture per day for several months?

I’m getting an error trying to set it up for 1 picture per day over the 30 days allowed.
ERROR: The timelapse should be more than 1080h (s)

WyzeCam v3

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I’m having the same problem. I’ve set the end date to be the maximum and the interval to be 24 hours. Pressing the Set button results in the following pop-up error window: “The timelaps should be more than 1080h(s)”. Any advice appreciated.

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I am having this same issue. Trying to schedule a timelapse at a frequency of once per day for 30 days. The error message just says “The timelapse should be more than” and gets cuts off…another error. Running Wyze cam app for iOS ver 2.38.4 and Wyze Cam V3 running

I have the same problem. Any solutions?

Same thing, Any updates to this?