Time Zone Control

Would be great if the app had time zone control. I use the cameras and smart outlets in a different time zone from where I live. When I want to adjust things in the other time zone, it defaults to the time zone the app is in on my phone rather than the time zone that the device is in. This is confusing and requires changing times when I travel or offsetting rather than just selecting the time zone you want to use for the control. This is particularly confusing when using sunset or sunrise and being sure it is using the proper time zone. Thanks!

Guys, this is a basic settings which any camera should have it. I installed 4 cameras on my property in Europe, surprise, as soon as I got back to US, the time on the video it’s local time - in my case Pacific Time Zone - I cannot believe that you guys do not think about such basic feature. To set camera on a local time where the camera is installed. Let’s say that local law enforcement needs proof from Wednesday June 23 8:30 to 8.40 local time. On the video, it will show one day before and Tues Jun 22 22:30 … but broad daylight outside.
Hire some real developers not guys who got their diploma at FedEx Kinkos printing station!

Can the iPhone app display the time with timezone of the camera and NOT just the time of the iphone

For example my cameras are located in GMT-7. But if I am traveling and viewing with my phone in GMT+1 the displayed times do not match with the real events

So my phone is showing an event at 08:00 but that is incorrect the event is really 23:00 at night.

The device time zone needs to be fixed in the device set up and not change when I travel with my phone to other time zones. I have WYZE devices (doorlocks, thermostats, bulbs, cameras) in multiple time zones (some observe DST and others do not) and with rather complicated rules. It is awful trying to keep them functioning properly as I travel.

I have the same issue. I have cameras and plugs with different schedules in two time zones.

It’s confusing when trying to adjust schedules from a different time zone and make the sunrise/sunset options of no use.

Timezone Support Per Device

I travel a lot across different time zones. However, based on where I can be (which is anywhere in the world) the app syncs to my current time zone.

This makes things like vacation mode useless.

I would like to see a way to set the device with an option to use the time zone that it is located in. So for example if I am in California and my home is in NY, the Dusk to Dawn setting turns my outside light on in EST hours.

Or another example is if I am in Asia and live in the US, the time zone is roughly 12 hrs ahead. I don’t want vacation mode running during the day! I want it running at night if my home is in EST.

I love these products, they work well, but I feel this is a pretty easy ask.

Thank You.

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I travel a lot so I really need this feature to be supported as soon as possible or every time I leave my home timezone I have to create a rule or schedule and do timezone math. Please make this happen.

Applies to all cams but zi have the v3.

Can you make it so we can set the time zone for the camera and it be fixed at that rather than it sync with the phone. For example, if I travel to another time zone and check on the camera while I’m away, the camera time will change to the timezone my phone is on. Let’s say it then recorded a crime. The perpetrator could get off by proving he was elsewhere at the tome recorded on the camera.
Also, if you have a recording that is timestamped say 3 hrs ahead, then you you move your phone somewhere that is 3 hrs earlier, you lose those three hours, Or moving the other way, you have an apparent 3 hr gap.
The camera isn’t travelling with the phone so it should be on a fixed time zone.