Time limit on a "rule"?

Okay…Good luck on this! It took quite awhile to get worked out (lol). Not sure I’d be able to do again by memory alone.
I will try and attach screen shots of the rules I used to accomplish. You would substitute your switch (I have no switches so can’t say for sure if this is even doable) for my “back patio” bulb.
Good luck…let me know if this helps!


Sorry! Forgot to attach🙄

Thanks! That worked for me with a switch.

I was looking for a time based setting within the rule that had my cam trigger the switch- but I realized from your example that a second rule was needed, and that worked.

I ended up doing essentially the same thing you did.
I had the existing rule that turned my switch on when my camera detects motion, between sunset and sunrise.
Then I added a second rule that turned the switch off when the switch had been on for 5 mins.

And I was ready to subscribe to IFTTT pro and program it in Java. Right after I learned Java.

Thanks again!

Absolutely! You’re welcome👍
I really love all my Wyze products…however, some things could be a little more intuitive!

Really glad it helped.


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Have you had any experience with using rules with cams on the “lite” service? That’s what I have on most of my cameras. It’s big selling point is that includes person detection, but it does not allow me to use it as a parameter within rules. I had to set my garage light trigger to general motion, but will not let me choose only a detected person. In fact, if I attempt to select it within rules I am directed to sign up page for “regular” cam plus.

I was also frustrated to find that the lite version does not support the new Doorbell pro, as I bought it based on my experience using my cams on Lite.


I’ve asked Wyze to fix the Rules Engine for CamPlus Lite person detection in several posts. It should work and does seem to function in the Alexa app, just not with Wyze rules.

No, I’m sorry…I do not have any experience with rules and Cam Lite. The one light that I have set up for a Person Detection" trigger" is triggered by a camera that is a Cam Plus camera.
I will need to keep your issue in mind when renewal comes around!!
I’m sorry I don’t have any ideas on that…GOOD Luck!

Is there a way to implement a “has been on for…” rule for the lamp socket? I see that option for the regular bulbs, but the lamp socket doesn’t appear in the list of Device Trigger choices (I’m guessing because it is an accessory under a camera instead of its own device).
I have a lamp socket in a room that is dimly lit during the day and I’d like the socket to turn on from motion during the day (which I can do with a rule), but I can’t find a way to have it turn off again after a set time (or motion is no longer detected).

Have you tried adding an additional rule?, that seems to be way to turn something back off again,

For instance: I use a motion trigger on a V3 cam to turn on my garage lights that are on a Wyze switch, between sunset and sunrise - that’s rule one. Then I made a second rule to turn them back off. The trigger is the light being on for certain time, and the action is to turn it off.

Yes, but the lamp socket doesn’t appear as a choice in the device trigger list when creating a rule.

When I create the first rule to turn on the lamp socket, I select the cam as the device trigger, and I actually have to select the cam again as the action product and then one of the actions available under that is “turn on lamp socket”. The app even throws a warning that the event and the action are for the same device.

So, it seems like this isn’t supported as of now. For now, I will have to use a wyze bulb instead of a lamp socket or try to completely darken the room, so the camera thinks it is dark all the time. That would allow the built in lamp socket functionality of “turn on when: motion is detected in the dark” to work for my situation.

I guess a feature request for the lamp socket would be add “turn on when: motion is detected (anytime)”.

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