Time Lapse Recording Will Not Download - File Not Found

Ok Bam, how do u do that? I have not really thought about it.

go into your settings, go to device info-> firmware upgrade-> click on the have a problem area-> and it should show you the older firmware’s.

I’m currently a Beta tester so I’m not certain this option in on the current production app. it’s been a question @gemniii and I have been trying to figure out as of late.

but if indeed you have the ability I went back to FW ending in .33 and everything is working fine.

please let us know if you have the ability to revert.

Well Bam, I tried and to answer your question… There is no have a problem or anything in the area you spoke about. So, no was not able to revert.

crap…….so apparently that option is not in the production version

so your option for a temp fix would be to flash the firmware the same way people have loaded the rtsp with the files directly on the SD card.

sorry its not the option we were looking for :pensive:

hopefully one of the options, either a full fix ( which they are working on, keep sending in logs to the devs) or the revert option in production will happen soon.


Hopefully they will do both!

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I have to say I’m pretty disappointed in Wyze on this one. I can’t believe it has been this long with no fix. I still can’t get time lapse footage without pulling the card out.

It has only been 2 weeks since they announced a probable fix, and they have a lot on their plate right now: