This video clip doesn't exist in the cloud

I have several cameras, lightbulbs, and Receptacles. While the receptacles don’t really seem to work very well, the cameras have always been excellent. Recently however one of the cameras will send a notice that there is motion but when I attempt to download it from the app it says that the video clip doesn’t exist in the cloud. This is damn annoying as This is the camera that faces my driveway at my summer home and I’d like to know who keeps visiting? Is there a fix for this? I’ve tried restarting the app, restarting the camera, deleting and adding the camera etc. etc. This is the only camera that does this. Help.


The fastest method I’ve found that works once the issue of “doesn’t exist in the cloud” is to:

Turn the Camera Off
Delete the Camera.
Physically Remove SD card from camera.
Press Setup on Camera

After installing camera as new, power off camera, put SD CARD back into camera and turn back on.

Your files may be readable now, likely they are. If not, use camera to format the SD card and chalk it up to using a baby monitor as a security camera.

Which is something I’m doing as well and I see no preview icon that tells me the issue has returned. . image